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At the root of love is life. In order to live, we have to love. Love is hard. Love is work and love can be messy. But, love is always worth it. When we live our life with love, love becomes comfortable, safe, and joyful. We laugh more and live more. We forgive more. To have a career we love, to fall in love, or to love ourselves, we have to be willing to do the hardest work of our lives. In the end, love is all that matters. Let love speak in your life and join me as we do the work together and enjoy living lovespeaks.

Standup and Do It!

I have always wanted to do standup comedy but the thought of standing on a stage trying to make people laugh terrifies me. You would think this wouldn’t scare me since I have no fear speaking to audiences and I coach people to speak without fear. But the comedy stage...

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The Woman in the Cute Skirt

What does a domain and a cute skirt have to do with each other? Everything …  I am now the proud owner of and I have a cute skirt to thank for it. Two years ago when I was consulting at TODAY for Megyn Kelly’s show, I was seating some audience...

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I recently flew to New York City to interview for a job that I really wanted. Like really wanted. When I stepped off the plane, I walked through La Guardia airport like I was doing my pre-show warm-up. I was listening to Jess Glynne’s "Hold My Hand" and I was ready. I...

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Accept Invitations From Your Mother

How would you start your story? What are the words you would choose to capture who YOU are and the impact you have made on others? It’s a little daunting to think about, right?  It’s like having to catalog everything we have ever done in our lives and come up with a...

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Last week was hard. There are more hard weeks ahead. I worry about what part I am playing in the work. So many women are doing so much. Am I doing enough? I am not an expert in politics because I dislike politics. But that is no longer a valid excuse. I am in awe of...

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I Wore Spanx to Lolla

Who do you turn to when putting together your Lollapalooza look?  Billionaire business woman Sara Blakely, founder of the trusted undergarment Spanx, of course!  From years of watching my daughters spend weeks putting their Lolla looks together, I am well aware that...

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Our Time is Now

Maybe it was the “When life benches you” moment that two-time US Olympic gold medalist Abby Wambach delivered in her Barnard commencement speech on May 16th.  Maybe it was the “It’s my time” moment Aunt Vi had with her family in last week’s episode of Queen Sugar on...

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