the LOVESPEAKS series


the LOVESPEAKS series

with Sally Lou Loveman

The #1 fear people have is speaking in public. It’s actually the only fear Sally Lou Loveman doesn’t have. Join Sally Lou for the lovespeaks series where she leaves fear behind and speaks love – doing what you love, loving your story, learning to love speaking, loving each other and loving ourselves. As the former audience producer for The Oprah Winfrey Show, Sally Lou and her crew speak their stories each week so you can speak yours. No topic is off limits – from kindness to composting, and everything in between, if you need a community to kickstart your heart, you need the lovespeaks series.

 Sally Lou is a mom, professional speaker, author of Speak: Love Your Story, Your Audience is Waiting and founder of lovespeaks.

It’s the lovespeaks series, where a little bit of love goes a long way.

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Episode #9:

Speaking of Mindfulness

Guest: Mona Antwan – Founder of Mindfulness Leader

On this episode we are speaking mindfulness with my friend and fellow Harpo co-worker Mona Antwan. Mona is the founder of Mindfulness Leader, the first of its kind after school program and high school elective in the City of Chicago to offer a 10-week, 92 hour curriculum, in under resourced schools and communities.

The program teaches students life skills through the art of mindfulness. The 23-core principle curriculum helps young leaders develop emotional intelligence through an interactive and project based course load. Mona has excellent advice to people of all ages on how to tap into our higher selves and simple ways to make room for mindfulness in our lives.

Listening Notes

0:56 Speaking of Mindfulness
1:10 Meet Mona Antwan
2:47 How is love speaking to you today?
4:13 Surrending
5:08 Young Mona
5:28 Higher Self
6:59 The seed was planted
7:30 Finding purpose in 3rd grade
8:30 Advocate
10:00 Mindfulness & Emotional Management
11:05 Lessons from The Oprah Winfrey Show
12:10 Excited to do great things
14:30 Being a mom
17:00 Souring Eagle
18:35 Community
19:59 Meditation & Mindfulness
20:53 23 principle curriculum
21:45 Kids want this and need this
23:25 Worry & Anxiety
24:20 Rituals
25:43 Mindfulness accumulates
26:35 No such thing as a positive mindset — it’s about your rituals
28:17 Speaking & Self-Talk
30:23 Secretly bless people
31:05 My life not working out for me is really working out for me
31:41 The more human we are the better speaker we are
34:00 Building leaders
35:05 Where do we go from here with Mindfulnees Leader?
36:20 The program is exploding
36:55 The word mentorship
37:45 What Mindfulness Leader curriculum teaches
38:15 The 23 principles
39:26 Scholarships
39:38 Growing to other states
40:00 Instagram & TikTok
41:32 Mona’s big tip for parents
43:33 Life purpose
44:00 The curriculum is exploding
44:12 Erika’s Lighthouse
44:40 Building things
46:12 Using Oprah’s words
47:00 Funding
47:40 What can listeners do to welcome more mindfulness into their lives?
48:35 Where can we find you?
49:22 Advice to parents
50:34 Daily prayer & gratitude tears
52:39 If you weren’t running Mindfulness Leader what would you be doing?
53:20 Check out & be a partner


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