I think we can all agree we are currently experiencing universal loss. Whether it’s loss of income, a loved one, our health, gathering on college campuses, K-12 classrooms, graduations, offices, weddings, birthdays, funerals, yoga class or just going to our favorite coffee shop with our favorite friend – it is safe to say life as we once knew it has changed, so now what?

No one has the answer. We are all just doing the best we can and trying to stay positive. One thing we know is that now more than ever we need community. Today we are speaking loss on the lovespeaks series podcast with my friend Barri Leiner Grant – founder of The Memory Circle, a platform that changes the vernacular around grief and provides a community for support.

Barri lost her mom Ellen unexpectedly when her mom was just 50 years old. Barri uses her story to help others with loss and is on a mission to heal and help the bereaved in the most beautiful way. She offers a safe space where people can sit (or Zoom) shoulder to shoulder and speak their stories.


Barri believes:

  • Every circle comes together for a reason
  • It’s okay to speak our loved ones’ names we’ve lost and speak their stories
  • We should mother ourselves for a more soulful connection to who we are
  • We should ask for signs from our loved ones

From the minute I met Barri, who is also a published author, designer, former Public Relations executive, vintage collector and style icon, I felt like I had known her for years. There is a vulnerability Barri has that feels like a warm blanket. As I say on the podcast “Barri feels right to me.” Barri will feel right to you too and I am certain many of you need this message. It is a privilege to bring it to you.

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