After spending 18 days in isolation for coronavirus, you get to know yourself really well and it got me thinking …. are there things you don’t know about me? So – I made a list!

  1. I drink decaf coffee and still get heart palpitations from the caffeine
  2. I’m in love with Ben Platt
  3. I’ve lost 8 teeth in the last 3 years and could have bought a Range Rover instead
  4. Denzel Washington is the only human who can call me Sally
  5. I am the world’s worst grocery bagger
  6. I can sing every word to every song on the Barbra Streisand/Kris Kristofferson soundtrack of A Star Is Born
  7. I can’t spell
  8. I may never wear pants with a zipper again
  9. My favorite color isn’t red, but I use it in my business
  10. I’ve been told I look like Catherine O’Hara (who plays Moira Rose in Schitt’s Creek) since 1990
  11. I wet my pants in Walgreens, started bladder therapy and it didn’t work
  12. My fashion style is often described as “man repeller”
  13. I am a varsity napper
  14. My favorite state is New Jersey
  15. I went viral on @TikTok while in isolation for coronavirus
  16. I sleep with my baby blanket
  17. I miss Whitney Houston every day
  18. 18 is one of my favorite numbers because it means life in Hebrew

Now that you know a little more about me, get to know yourself better by joining my SPEAK challenge and immerse yourself in your story!

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