Transformation is a big word to unpack.

Webster’s Dictionary defines it as a change in form, appearance, nature, or character. What is so interesting to me is that while my guest on this episode of the lovespeaks series podcast most certainly has had a transformation, it is my belief that her form, appearance, nature and character have remained the same, even at the height of her pain – which makes her transformation even more powerful.

Edie Allen’s childhood was stolen from her. Her mother’s boyfriend raped her, her mother beat her, and she was unable to attend school. She cared for her younger brothers like they were her babies and at 15, Edie gave birth to her abuser’s baby, left home and began her transformation – all the while, keeping her nature and character intact.

I can’t even begin to imagine the resilience it takes to keep pressing on. But Edie pressed on and today she uses her story to help heal others who share a similar struggle.

Edie is a breakthrough specialist who in 2019 stood on Steven Tyler’s Janie’s Fund stage and spoke her story to an audience of women (and men) who stood on their feet in support. Her story helped raise close to 3 million dollars, providing young women who have been though the same trauma a safe space to heal.

This is the power of story. Story transforms people. Story saves people’s lives. Story saved Edie’s life and today her story is saving so many other women’s lives.

I encourage you to watch Edie’s 7-minute life changing talk before listening to the Speaking of Transformation episode. It will give you a sense of the strength it takes to stand up to your abuser and win. Whatever struggle you or someone you love is going through – Edie’s story will put you and those you love on a path to healing. And healing is always transformational.

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