“Authenticity is the truest form of rebellion.”

This is one of Shelley Paxton’s, author of Soulbbatical: A Corporate Rebel’s Guide To Finding Your Best Life, many mantras. Most people think of rebels as people who rise in opposition. But this rebel – my friend Shelley – rises in authenticity and that’s what makes her rebellious.

Shelley walked away from her sexy career with an iconic brand, Harley Davidson, to live life on her terms and to liberate a billion souls. Yep – that’s her goal – Shelley’s not looking for fame and fortune, she’s looking for impact. And the impact number she wants is one billion.

So many of us are living life on other people’s terms. If this pandemic has taught us anything it’s taught us to value ourselves. Shelley’s book and the Speaking of Rebels episode gives us tools to have what Shelley’s having, and that is an invitation I accept with pleasure.

For a quick start to your rebel life, here are three of my favorite tips Shelley offers to help you unleash your authenticity and get you on that rebel path you deserve:


Give yourself a title. Shelley’s title is Chief Soul Officer. Mine is now Chief Love Officer. What’s yours? Make it sexy. Make it important. Make it YOU!


Do an energy audit. Shelley talks about energy sucks – get rid of them! They have no room in your journey to living life on your own terms and energy sucks keep you from your authenticity.


Stop shoulding all over yourself. Yes, should is not just an auxiliary verb, it’s a full time verb. Shoulding gets us nowhere and should makes us feel like shit. So all together now – no more shoulding!

I met Shelley just before the pandemic hit. We had each just become first time authors and instantly became friends. Soulbbatical helped get me through my 18-day isolation when I had COVID. I was trying to treat my isolation as a “retreat,” even though I was really sick. I have to say, when I was reading Soulbbatical I felt like I was treating myself to something very special and the proof is that my copy is dog eared and highlighted, just like my copy of Brenè Brown’s Daring Greatly. Shelley is like having Brenè Brown as a personal friend  … and now she is your friend too!

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