I hope this blog post finds you healthy and home.  I took a little break from airing new podcast episodes because I specifically didn’t want to overload your inbox with my blog that accompanies each release. As we all adjust to our new normal, I have decided to release episodes every other Monday so as not to bombard you. But the truth is, every single episode – all recorded prior to this virus – speaks to our hearts, our souls and our well-being. If there was ever a time for these conversations, that time is now.

 So I hope you will listen because taking in positive content is so important right now. I think we can all agree that this downtime is a big wakeup call for so many of us. Whether it’s to slow down, take care of ourselves, connect with the people we love or take care of our earth and our spirits – we all know there is a blessing in the wound. And so it is with great pleasure I share the blessing of my friend Mona Antwan’s story with you.

Mona found her purpose in the third grade when she emigrated from Iraq with her family and became a voice for her classmates who were not able to learn English as quickly as she was. Today, Mona remains in her purpose with her platform Mindfulness Leader, the first of its kind after school program and high school elective in the City of Chicago to offer a 10-week, 92 hour curriculum, in under resourced schools and communities.

The program teaches students life skills through the art of mindfulness. The 23- core principle curriculum helps young leaders develop emotional intelligence through an interactive and project based course load that Mona created. The program is changing young people’s lives and building leaders for our future, just like the work Mona began in the third grade.

Her passion around her purpose has allowed Mona to be recognized by the White House while excelling in a leadership program specifically for non-profit directors. You don’t have to be a student to benefit from Mona’s wisdom, she happens to have excellent advice for people of all ages on how to tap into our higher selves and simple ways to make room for mindfulness in our lives.

 If you want more mindfulness in your life, take a listen to Episode #9 Speaking of Mindfulness and enjoy your first step into a world that is waiting for you.

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