I hope you all enjoyed a day of love yesterday, but I think we can all agree that love is for us to enjoy every day.

Abraham Hicks says we are here to create our own fairy tale. When I started planning The Love Wins House Party I couldn’t help but think that my dear friend Itika Grimble had done just that – she created her own fairy tale, proving love wins.

I immediately called her and said, “Please be our Spotlight on Love winner at The Love Wins House Party!” And like all loving love leaders, Itika said yes to my invitation!

After leaving behind a career in television and in marketing, Itika launched her own business in 2017, Oldvine Florals – a luxury floral boutique in downtown LA. When 2020 arrived, which we all know was no easy ride, Itika must have told 2020 that love was not going to be cancelled on her watch and not to mess with her dreams.

She boarded up her shop so she could march for racial justice, made some strong pivots in her business to allow Oldvine Florals to not only survive, but to bloom, her boyfriend and steadfast partner Brian got down on his knee and proposed, they threw a magnificent micro-wedding in Las Vegas with their closest family and friends and in April they will be blessed with the birth of their baby girl!

How’s that for love winning in 2020?

Getting our fairy tale isn’t always smooth sailing. None of us can claim that. It’s our resiliency we get from the lessons we learn, the scars we heal, the outlooks we claim – after surviving the rough waters, that allow us to make sense of them.

So whatever wave you are riding right now, understand it’s taking you somewhere stronger, wiser, better and happier. It’s taking you to a place where fairy tales live, and love wins.

I invite you to join us this Saturday, February 20th for more of Itika’s story, along with so many other stories of how love is winning. Take a listen to Speaking of Love Winning with Itika Grimble and let her words resonate with you in a way that restarts your heart for all the love wins that are waiting for you. All you have to do is claim them.

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