Holiday 2020 is a season we are all trying to wrap our heads and hearts around. We are missing out on traditions we have come to rely on. There is a universal sense of loss with families not being able to gather like we used to. So I called on some friends who I count on to lift me up because we could all use a lift.

The question I asked them is  – “What holiday tradition are you unable to keep this year and what new tradition are you replacing it with?”

Bari Leiner Grant

founder of The Memory Circle

New tradition: exchange letters with family

Maleesa Ziong

creative doer & explorer

New tradition: support small & local businesses

Whitney Reynolds

host of The Whitney Reynolds Show

New tradition: stay home!

Cheryl Jackson

founder of Minnie’s Food Pantry

New tradition: hand write letters to family

Cinday Linville

chief holiday officer

New tradition: carol with her family

Paolo Presta

Host of A Spoonful of Paolo

New tradition: social distance with santa

Laura Munson

Author of Willa’s Grove

New tradition: play her grandmother’s piano

Margo Lightburn

Yoga Teacher

New tradition: read with her kids & FaceTime with her parents

Danielle Porte

Children’s Picture Book Author

New tradition: give care packages to families in need

This question gives me hope and it is my HOPE that it will give you hope too! Hope is a tradition that never goes out of style and I hope these messages inspire you to create new holiday traditions that you may even want to keep once this pandemic is behind us. Because it will be behind us. Just saying that gives me hope.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa and a Happy New Year! Take a listen to Speaking of Holiday 2020 while you are wrapping gifts or baking banana bread and let your creative juices flow. I promise you will feel JOY. The jingle alone makes me happy.

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