We all have dreams. Some of us go after them, and some of us stay a little too long being stuck in the wanting of the dream and not the doing of the dream. 2020 taught us that our dreams are still good, even if they are harder to get. During my worst nights of COVID, I listened to Devon Franklin’s prayers on Instagram. He said, “Your dream is still good.” I would repeat these words over and over again to remind myself that my dream was still good.

Your dream is still good too, no matter what you have suffered over these past 11 months. We know the suffering is not over, so we have to work extra hard to keep our dreams in place. It is my hope that this podcast episode with my friend Paolo Presta, host of A Spoonful of Paolo, will reignite the dreamer in you.

Paolo’s story is powerful, which is why I invited him to share his story as the keynote speaker of The Love Wins House Party – an event I am hosting on Saturday, February 20th. Many of you have received an invitation, but if you missed it – click here for more details! I hope you will join us.

I met Paolo when he was an audience member at The Oprah Winfrey Show. Paolo would later be a guest on the show during our Wildest Dreams season, where he was surprised at his family’s grocery store by Oprah Winfrey and told he was going to Hollywood to begin his career as an actor. The clip is iconic – truly one of the best moments on television.


Today, he is the host of the on-line talk show A Spoonful of Paolo, where he interviews A-list celebrities like Oprah Winfrey (full circle), Carol Burnett, Chrissy Metz, Tyra Banks, Gina Rodriguez and lives his dream daily. The power of Paolo’s dream allowed him to have the guts and confidence to come out to his family, marry his soulmate Patrick and change the lives of others who are struggling to live their truth.

Paolo promises to bring vulnerability to The Love Wins House Party keynote! Take a listen to our conversation for a little tease and, of course, inspiration.

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