As we head into the holiday season and ride the second wave of COVID, I would like you to meet my friend Dr. Renee Matthews.  She is host of Ask Dr. Renee and has been seen in over 45,000 doctor’s offices in her Out of Office with Dr. Renee video spots.  She sat down with me to talk about the health inequities black communities continue to face in this pandemic.

Renee saw the inequities first hand when her father was hospitalized for a heart condition and was not treated well.  This was not going to happen under Dr. Renee’s watch, but what happens to people who don’t have an advocate?  Renee offers her thoughts.

She also reminds us how we can reduce our risk of getting COVID and how we can all stay safe:

  • Wear a mask and leave it alone. In other words, don’t touch it!
  • Face shields don’t work if you don’t wear a mask underneath. 
  • Take off your clothes as soon as you get home and wash them immediately.
  • Watch your stress.
  • Food is medicine, eat well.
  • Don’t touch your eyes, COVID can penetrate your eyes.
  • Wash your hands.
  • Make sure you have all your medicines.

Dr. Renee uses her medical degree to help people live healthier lives and on this Speaking of COVID & Health Inequities episode, she offers us a specific COVID plan to stay healthy. I hope you will listen.

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