Today’s blog post and podcast episode are reminders to treat our beautiful planet well. We also need to treat ourselves well.

I hope this finds you healthy and well and taking time in this quiet moment to do things for yourself and others that make you happy. I encourage you to stay connected to your community via phone, text, FaceTime or even write a letter! We need each other in this time of uncertainty so I encourage you to redefine connection in your own way, even at a distance.

Now, on to someone very special who could literally be the poster for lovespeaks. Her mother’s invitation to see An Inconvenient Truth changed everything for founder and CEO of Pulp Pantry Kaitlin Mogentale. The film piqued young Kaitlin’s curiosity and today she pours that same curiosity into her commitment for zero waste living. Kaitlin asks us all to think about how we show up every day when it comes to our food system. Dedicated to making a difference in our global footprint, Kaitlin got me thinking about what I can do in my own household to help. Our conversation will get you thinking too.

Kaitlin has many starts to her story but the one that really stands out is the time she saw a friend juice a carrot and discard the pulp. That’s when the stars aligned for Kaitlin and Pulp Pantry, a sustainable snack company that uses upcycled veggies and fruit pulp to make delicious and healthy snacks, was born

Kaitlin puts her passion for our planet and her talent for thinking outside the box to work and we all benefit. If you’ve always thought about composting, maybe this week is the week to start? Check out Pulp Pantry snacks and consider what you can do to take better care of our planet.

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