Five years ago, I spoke at The Professional Women’s Club of Chicago.

I had a year of my business under my belt and 200 audience members listening to me speak about reinvention. At the end of the speech I said “Who knows what’s next – a book, The TODAY Show or speaking to American Family Insurance.

American Family Insurance I’m coming for you because today I am on The TODAY Show with my book SPEAK!

I’m two for three and wouldn’t it be cool to be three for three? I love when we can see and feel and touch our dreams. I believe so strongly in using our voice to speak our dreams into the universe. I also believe in hard work. When we combine the two, there is no stopping us.

I am talking about courage on TODAY – how to use our voices, to speak on stages, to do something outside our comfort zone, and to be confident enough to create our own content. I hope you will tune in and that my message lands on your heart. Follow me @livelovespeaks and tell me how you are being courageous in your life. And purchase a copy of my new book SPEAK: Love Your Story, Your Audience is Waiting!

My podcast the lovespeaks series drops today too which is an extension of the stories I feature in my book.

This has also been a dream of mine that probably started when I was 6 years old and first recorded my voice on my reel to reel tape recorder – I was hooked. If you are looking to kickstart your heart in 2020, you need the lovespeaks series. I hope you will subscribe!

Your love speaks!


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