The #1 fear people have is speaking in public. It’s the one fear I don’t have. I want to help you not have fear too.

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lovespeaks is about loving what you do and sharing your talent with others. When you do what you love everyone benefits. And when you do what you love, you are in your purpose. When you are in your purpose fear has no access. I teach you how to tap into your purpose so you can lose the fear that keeps you from speaking up or speaking on stages.

Subscribe to lovespeaks and get access to events as well as special recordings from my book SPEAK: Love Your Story, Your Audience is Waiting. My lovespeaks audience is a community of heart centered professionals who want to step up their speaking game and their human game. So be a happier human who speaks on stages and subscribe to – your audience is waiting.

— Love Sally Lou Loveman

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