I have a habit of inserting myself into the lives of people who inspire me with their heart and their bravery.

Joshua Waddell is one of those people. I was an audience member in one of his speaking engagements called Soul Cycle! If you have read my book SPEAK you have met Joshua on page 70 and you know that I suggest if you want to be a better speaker, take a Soul Cycle class.

From the moment Joshua greeted his riders I was all in. The connection was immediate. His platform allows us all to get off the bike a happier human.

In the podcast Joshua says “People really do look forward to coming to class and it reminds me that I have an opportunity to be the best part of someone’s day every day and I don’t take that responsibility lightly.” As a loyal Joshua rider, I can testify that my life has been made better by his class.

What if we all took that approach to our work? Can you imagine how much happier our world would be? Take a listen to the soulful conversation I have with my Soul Cycle instructor Joshua and I am positive it will be the best part of your day!

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