Today I am launching SEASON TWO of the lovespeaks series podcast with an important conversation between friends.

I invited my girlfriends Sherry McAdoo Champion and Shelly McAdoo, who happen to be twin sisters, to talk about race and I am so grateful they said yes.

Here’s what we have in common: we are mothers, we are working mothers, we have a fierce loyalty to our family and the people we love, our families are funny, we are funny and we always have a story to tell.

What is different about us is our race – and we have always joked that we should do a reality show titled “Love & Champ” – girlfriends who embrace each other’s race through love and humor. We came up with the idea over ten years ago and boy do I wish it was actually on the air because it would be the blueprint for how people of different races should treat each other.

The purpose for my conversation today is to find out from my friends how their hearts are and how white people can be more effective allies. We are not experts, we are friends who love each other and want others to do the same.

I hope you will listen. There are so many excellent resources offered.  Thank you.

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