I was recently invited to sit down with advertising giant John Immesoete to shoot an episode of Conversations with Giants, a podcast featuring media geniuses. The title made me a bit uncomfortable as I do not think of myself as a giant (or a genius) in any way, shape or form. However, 21 minutes into our 42-minute conversation, this giant woke up!  John asked me about my business which allowed me to address the giant elephant in the room, me not being a giant! And that’s when it hit me; I may not be a giant, but there is a giant dwelling inside of me. I am a giant dweller!

“I may not be a giant, but there is a giant dwelling inside of me.”

I remember that giant girl who stood on the stage at the United Center in Chicago in front of 15,000 people for Oprah’s Surprise Spectacular and I remember that giant girl who sat at a conference table filled with city officials, police, producers and our director explaining how we would safely get 23,000 people in and out of the Michigan Avenue location for our iconic flash mob show. Oh there SHE IS! Yes – I know that giant!

But when that giant leaves the comfort and connection of a team and goes out on her own, that giant can sometimes feel small. And for me, the only way to get that giant out of her dwelling is to connect with people. Connection is my lifeline. As long as I am touching hearts and connected with a team and an audience, my giant dweller comes out of hiding.

“Wake your giant!”

And so today, as we take the energy and connection from Sunday’s Women’s March, I ask each of you to wake your giant. Stay connected and let him or her out. Stay woke! Be seen in 2017 doing what you love with the people you love. Have a conversation with your giant.  And, if you have time, take a look at the conversation I have with mine, because we all need to do a little more lovespeaking with ourselves now and then!

“Be seen in 2017, doing what you love with the people you love.”

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