I hope this blog post finds you healthy and safe. The last thing I want to do during these uncertain times is to overload your inbox. In my first season of the lovespeaks series podcast, I have been releasing episodes weekly.But each week for the past 92 days it has felt impossible to write about anything else but the coronavirus and racial injustice.

I decided to release the last five episodes of my first season at once so you can listen at your leisure, while focusing on the most important work at hand – staying healthy and stepping up as an ally.

Each guest I feature is an expert in their field, with a powerful message. Each guest is also a valued friend who deserves much more than a quick hit here. You can learn more about my guests by listening, and you can also check out the listening notes I release each week on lovespeaks.com – the date for each episode is in parenthesis below:

Episode #14 Speaking of Enlightenment (June 15) features Val Gangas, author of Enlightenment is Sexy. Val is a speaker, author, meditation expert and spiritual rebel who helps women create a magical life. Val’s powerful story of how Transcendental Meditation saved her life speaks to anyone suffering from anxiety and loss.

Episode #15 Speaking of Laughter (June 22) features Mara Davis, a talent booker for Adult Swim and The Jump with Shirley Manson. She is a co-host of the Emmy award winning program Atlanta Eats and her Mara’s Music Mix is a weekly roundup of the Atlanta’s best concerts. I met Mara in the lobby of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas and she has kept me laughing ever since.

Episode #16 Speaking of My Kids (June 29) features my kids Marin, Carly and Billy Loveman! They are experts at keeping my in line basically. It was a rare moment to have all three of my kids in town so I made them record with me. Marin is 27, Carly is 25 and Billy is 21. My girls both work in television and Billy is a film major. We talk a lot about what it’s like being exposed to television early on and how that speaks in their careers today.

Episode #17 Speaking of Doing What You Love (July 6) features Henry Harteveldt, Principal of Atmosphere Research Group. At a young age, Henry played with toy airplanes and loved the smell of jet fuel. Today he is one of the travel industry’s most well-known and respected analysts and advisors and quoted constantly. Henry’s passion for doing what he loves inspires me to keep doing what I love. We recorded this episode prior to the coronavirus pandemic (as well as the others) but his travel tips still apply!

Episode #18 Speaking of Standup (July 13) features Alex Kumin, one of Chicago’s most sought after standup comics and a teacher at Feminine Comique – where women like me who dream of doing standup learn from talented female comics like Alex. Alex makes what is terrifying, performing a tight 5 in front of an audience, accessible and fun. She is a badass and I have a full girl crush on her.

The lovespeaks series podcast is all about sharing positive messages of love, passion and purpose. It’s about using your voice for good and your talent to help others. I hope you will subscribe and share with your community. Thank you for listening.

 Your love speaks!

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